An indisputable fact.

With hazelnut brown eyes and ringlet curls, the girl sat across from me.

The world around her slightly blurred as she gave me a haunting smile.

She feels so familiar.

She’s holding something back; darkness this six-year-old believes only she can carry.

I reach for her hand to let her know I understand.

To let her know there will be bad days, weeks, months, and even years.

To let her know the pain is for real, but it isn’t forever.

To let her know her future is bright, an indisputable fact.

I squeeze her hand tighter and give a gentle smile.

The world around her started to fade slowly as I opened my eyes.

She felt so familiar.

I lift my head and meet the same hazelnut brown eyes in the bathroom mirror.

With a haunting smile turned soft, I realize this is the future, and damn, it’s bright.