Siri, search how to write a good blog tagline.

-Me, writing this tagline.

Just an almost-30-year-old sharing the raw and real life of self-discovery, personal development, and delicious food served with a side of inappropriate self-deprecating humor. Really, I’m just hoping to bring a little sunshine and a lot of relatability to your computer screen.

(or cell phone, or tablet, or … you get the point).

Latest from the Blog

An indisputable fact.

With hazelnut brown eyes and ringlet curls, the girl sat across from me. The world around her slightly blurred as she gave me a haunting smile. She feels so familiar. She’s holding something back; darkness this six-year-old believes only she can carry. I reach for her hand to let her know I understand. To let…

Redefining Productive.

Pro·duc·tiveAchieving or producing a significant amount or result God, I hate this word. I have had several therapy sessions, pages of journals filled, and many tears shed over my hatred of this word.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s no feeling quite like a productive afternoon of running errands, cleaning your room, putting fresh sheets on…

Sweet and Spicy Breakfast Hash

Breakfast is hands down my favorite meal, and I’m a huge fan of a good breakfast hash. They are so simple to make, easy to do in large quantities, and always a crowd-pleaser. This sweet and spicy hash is the perfect blend of the two flavors paired with bacon – what more could you want?…

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